The Celia Chain

The Celia Chain

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This delicate chain is perfect for those who prefer daintier jewellery. Layer it with anything and everything - this piece will become your daily jewellery essential.  

Whats more, being gold-filled, this chain will last you years without tarnishing when cared for properly. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to each piece being handmade to order, please allow 3 weeks for your jewellery to be dispatched.


What does gold filled mean? 

Gold plated jewellery has a thin layer of gold over brass (under 0.05%), which is not mechanically bonded and is therefore prone to eventually wearing off. In comparison, gold filled means that there is a thick layer of gold (always over 5%) which has been mechanically bonded to a brass core. Due to this permanent bond, gold filled jewellery can last a lifetime when looked after properly, therefore making it a far more affordable alternative to solid gold jewellery! 

How to care for your gold filled jewellery: 

As with solid gold, your gold filled piece will need cleaning every now and again.

  • Simply fill a small dish with warm water and mild washing up liquid
  • Place your jewellery inside and leave for 5 minutes.
  • Gently scrub your piece with a soft toothbrush, particularly around the gemstones where residue may have built up.