About Abela

I started Abela in 2019 at the beginning of my second year at Exeter University, where I study History and International Relations. The name 'Abela' was chosen as it combines my full name, Annabel, and my day-to-day name, Bella  

I soon found a love for designing jewellery, using only natural gemstones and crystal or glass beads to create unique designs which compliment a range of styles. I believe that jewellery can upgrade any outfit, and doesn't have to be super expensive to do so!



All materials are sourced from small businesses within Europe (90% of them being UK businesses) keeping Abela as sustainable as possible! Moreover, with each piece being handmade to order by myself, Abela is apart of the 'slow fashion' movement.  

I hope that through Abela I can bring a bit of sunshine to your outfits whilst also showing support for sustainable fashion! Bella x