About Abela

I started Abela in 2019 at the beginning of my second year at Exeter University, where I study History and International Relations. The name 'Abela' was chosen as it combines my full name, Annabel, and my day-to-day name, Bella!

I soon found a love for designing boho-chic pieces, using only natural gemstones and crystal or glass beads to create unique designs which compliment a range of styles. I believe that jewellery can upgrade any outfit, and doesn't have to be super expensive to do so. 

I'm currently living in London on my 'year abroad', having had my year out in Sydney cancelled due to Corona. With my kitchen table now half a jewellery factory and half a student's workspace, I'm able to balance running Abela alongside university deadlines! 



Every material is sourced from small businesses within the UK, keeping Abela as sustainable as possible! Moreover, with each piece being handmade to order by myself, we are apart of the 'slow fashion' movement. 


10% of the profits from each piece are donated to our current chosen charity, SANE. Being an acronym for Schizophrenia: A National Emergency, SANE is a charity my family and I particularly resonate with. They focus on de-stigmatising mental health, aiming to support those who are affected, from sufferers, carers and family members. 


I hope that through Abela I can bring a bit of sunshine to your outfits whilst also showing support for sustainable fashion and some great charities! Bella x